NUX – April15 – 10 UX Testing Tips from Lee Duddell of What Users Do

Lee Duddell, Founder & UX Director of What Users Do was kind enough to take the stage at our second Northern User Experience (NUX) – Newcastle event and provide top tips on getting started with Remote Usability Testing.

Lee walked us through 10 top tips from getting started, planning a test, and analysing the results whilst providing insight from real test videos.

Top 10 tips 

top 10 tips for UX testing -  Other suggestions for Tip10 were:

  • Test competitor websites or different sectors to find out what works and why
  • When constructing a regular testing panel,watch out for testers becoming too comfortable & critiquing instead of using it naturally. We want to observe behaviour when completing a task, not listen to opinions. 
  • You are not geographically  restricted when it comes to finding participants so can test around the world to see if their are cultural differences. 

Some parting advice  (Thanks @R8v3N for the photo)

Lee’s slides and full write up can be found over on the What Users Do Blog: